Who is Inter-United?

iU Tournament Directors

Our Roots

In 1997, Jim and Jennie Powell founded Inter-United Soccer Club Corp. (IUS) in Apopka, Florida.

IUS started small with only 50 members but after ten years, it had grown to over 1,000 members. The club boasted some of the best teams in the state and became home to numerous Region Cup and State Cup champions.

In 2000, IUS continued to grow by partnering with Challenge Sports to host 3v3 tournaments in Apopka. These tournaments bring in thousands of competitors throughout the state each year. 


Growing Internationally

While Inter-United is no longer a soccer club in the traditional sense, our love of soccer has not stopped!

In 2004, Inter-United (iU) began focusing on international growth and service and since then, has established everlasting relationships in China, Haiti, and Kenya.

 This laid the foundation of the iU Friendship Tour: forging friendships in our local community and around the world through music and soccer to promote hope, love and fun.

To date, over 100 iU members have traveled to China with the privilege of playing, coaching, and teaching in rural minority village schools as well as esteemed universities.

Inter-United continues to build friendships in Haiti through the Happy House and in Kenya with our partner Nelly Kagoro through our sister company, Raggamuffin.


Our Mission

Inter-United Soccer Club Corp. (iU) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that exists to promote the love of friendship, music, and soccer in our local community and internationally. Check out our full organization's website at www.interunited.org


iU Friendship Tour Directors

Jim Powell

Jenny Taylor

Autumn Browning 


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