Terms & Policies


CHECK-In procedure:

Present Roster Waiver Form and Proof of Age at check in one hour before your first game at the tournament. Roster Waiver Form must be completely filled out and signed by each player's guardian. A player can only participate if they are accounted for on the form with appropriate signature. 

Refund POLICY:

A team may withdraw from an iU Friendship Tour event any time up to midnight on the Tuesday before the event. We understand things come up at the last minute such as injuries or a change in plans by some players resulting in roster shortages. You do not need a reason to withdraw.

If a team withdraws before the deadline, they will receive a full refund of the entry fee. If you withdraw after the deadline, there will be no refund available. Withdrawals past the deadline cause difficulty in scheduling and an unfair sense of competition for people who have already signed up expecting to be apart of an event with several teams. While we hope no one has to withdraw from the tournament, we understand things do happen.

Weather Policy:

Prior to the day of the event - the Tournament Director will make the decision regarding schedule changes, delays or postponement due to the forecasted weather or field conditions. Teams are responsible for checking www.iufriendshiptour.com for information regarding the impact of weather on the event.

During the Event - We will play in the rain. If weather becomes severe, particularly in the case of storms with lightning, play will be suspended until conditions improve and it is safe to resume play. Conditions will be checked every 30 minutes, and the decision to resume play will be considered every 30 minutes until play can be resumed. If this happens, we want the participants to be safe and ask that they return to and remain in their vehicles and stay off of the fields until the all clear is given. Please DO NOT LEAVE THE FACILITY. As soon as it is determined it is safe to resume play, we will. Also, please understand that even though there might be a pause in playing, games can get back on their regular schedules rather quickly.

If an event is terminated because of weather while in progress, the Tournament Committee will make a determination about results of games in progress, Division standings and qualifying for Nationals. Based on the guarantee of at least 4 games for all teams, teams that do not play 4 games before the tournament is terminated will be eligible for a credit or refund for 25% of their entry fee if they played 3 games, 50% of their entry fee if they played 2 games, 75% of their entry fee if they played only 1 game.